The Yigal Allon Educational Center and Museum

Founded in 1986, The Yigal Allon Educational Center and Museum is a vibrant educational center, bringing over 140,000 participants a year, while focusing on the humanistic Zionist values of Yigal Allon.

Serving diverse cross sections of Israeli citizens, The Center offers educational programs designed to bring together Israeli society, with the values of its founders through the hands of our staff and educators.


The Yigal Allon Center sees Israeli society as simultaneously Zionist-Jewish and equal-democratic. It is a society striving for peace and inspired by Yigal Allon’s values and legacy.

Serving diverse cross section of Israeli children, youth, soldiers, young adults, professionals, and the elderly, The Center offers educational programs designed to bring Israeli society together and bring it back to the values of humanistic Zionism.

Our mission is to inspire all participants to become socially responsible active citizens.

The Establishment of The Yigal Allon Center

Yigal Allon passed away on Friday, February 12, 1980.

Upon his death, his community decided to memorialize his legacy in Ginosar, his kibbutz, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, by the grove where the Palmach was established in 1941 and where Yigal Allon later created a space for Jews and Arabs to meet and collaborate.

The Center was unique from its inception, because it was the culmination of a collaboration between Allon’s friends from school and the Palmach, the Kibbutz Movement, the Labor Movement and Menachem Begin’s government.

It was designed to commemorate Yigal Allon’s life while capturing the nature of the Galilee, the area in which he was born and raised, where he fought, worked, and built a home for his family.