Escape Room “Escaping to the Galilee”

Experiential-educational activity connecting children and youth to the history of pre-independence Israel and the Galilee!

Four escape rooms that tell the story of settlement in Israel, the Palmach and the activities of the underground resistance movements, everything that is important to remember in an atmosphere that you can’t forget!

The rooms are adapted according to difficulty levels for ages: 4th-6th grade, 7th -9th grade, 10th-12th grade.

Please arrange in advance by calling 04-6727700

In order to raise a flag and establish a settlement, the Palmach fighters will have to train as combatants, infiltrate the police building where the British headquarters are located, join the battle for the city of Tiberias and plan settlement points for themselves.

Requires: Determination, courage and faith in the way


Up to 6 people - 350 NIS
Each additional participant up to 10 participants - 35 NIS