Board of Directors


Yossi Kucik


Owner and partner of consulting companies, served in a variety of positions in the public and private sector. Today, in addition to his advisory positions, he serves as chairman of "Bituach Yashir", as a director of several leading companies, as a board member of the Israel Democracy Institute and as chairman of the board at the Yigal Allon Center. Among other things, he held the following positions: Director General of the Prime Minister's Office, Commissioner for Wages and Employment Agreements in the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Director General of Discount Bank, Director General of the Ministry of Integration and Chairman of the Manpower Group. He holds a master's degree in public administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Elisha Shapira

Member of Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. Graduate of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Haifa. Secretary of the kibbutz and manager in the industry, at various times. The head of the leadership of Hashomer Hatzair in Israel and former secretary of the national kibbutz. Today chairman of Yad Tabenkin and a member of several public boards


Zur Allon

Husband to Roni and father of Anna and Tamari. Tshuva Group CEO, proud reservist and grandson of Yigal and Ruth. Remember the Sea of Galilee when it was full, empty, and full again.


Yossi Vardi

Was born in Kibbutz Degania A in 1948, a grandson of the founders. Lt. Col. in reserve. In Degania, he worked at the Tul Gal factory as the production manager, served as the kibbutz's secretary for two terms, was active in the kibbutz movement's secretariat for four years, and served as Ehud Barak's and Fouad Ben Eliezer's assistant defense minister for settlement. Elected to the position of head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, which he held for 13 years. Member of the Executive Committee of the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, and the Association of Youth Hostels in Israel.


Zvi Ben Moshe

In the past, he was the director and chairman of "Ortal" - a metal foundry. He founded the youth center of the "Kibbutz Ha'meuhad". From 1979 he served as the assistant of Yigal Allon. Between 1984 and 1987, he served as Assistant to Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin on industrial affairs and political issues. He also served as a director in the IAI and other defense enterprises. Served as the manager of the economic division and interior secretary of the United Kibbutz movement and was also co-secretary general. In the role he lead the negotiation with the ministry of finance and the banks regarding the Kibbutzim financial settlement. Afterwards, he served as chairman of the board in a few different Kibbutzim


Alona Bar-On

Publisher of Globes, the oldest business newspaper in Israel, A businesswoman and accountant, she acquired control of Globes in 2017 and has since been leading a revolution in the world of journalism. Among other things, rules of ethics vision and values have been assimilated in Globes - which serve as the North Star in fulfilling the role of Globes, as a newspaper in the new world.


Idan Greenbaum

48 years old, married to Dr. Michal Rom and a father of four aged 5-15. A member of Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Ihud, the third generation of the kibbutz's founders, currently lives in the community extension of the kibbutz after living in Tel Aviv for many years. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's degree in Political Communication from Tel Aviv University. Since 2016, he has served as head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council and holds a variety of other positions, including as chairman of the Kinneret Cities Association. Prior to being elected to the position, he served for 20 years in a variety of positions in the Israeli economic media, including, among others, deputy editor and head of the news system of the newspaper "Calcalist", editor and economic commentator of Channel 10 News and presenter and editor of several television programs.


Iris Conforti

Lawyer, Investor in technological ventures and real estate, member of an investment committee in an investment group in start-up companies. Participated in various social and educational initiatives, including the establishment of an association for at-risk youth, in which she served as chairwoman of the board.


Uzi Wellish

Member of Kibbutz Ein Gev, member of Kibbutz Ginosar. Met Yigal in 1963 when he was chosen to manage farming in Ginosar, and for 5 years took care of increasing Ginosar's land plot. As part of the role, he met with Yigal several times and gained his trust and friendship. He later held several key roles in Ginosar. He then was the director of the Valleys District at the Ministry of Agriculture, an agricultural consultant at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi in India and assistant to the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Agriculture to streamline agricultural research in Israel. In his last position after retiring, he was the business chairman of Ginosar. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Yigal Allon Center.


Shlomo Peled

Organizational psychologist (masters, Bar-Ilan). Served as a field psychologist in the paratroopers, in Bahad 1 and Sayeret Matkal. During the period of service in "the unit" he moved to the command track. At the end of 1981 he enlisted in the Ministry of Defense and for 20 years, held management positions in Israel and abroad. Upon his retirement, he returned to his work as an organizational psychologist: advising senior executives in large organizations (Bank Leumi, Paz, Cargal and more) and accompanying entrepreneurs in establishing start-up companies. Was a founding partner in two start-up companies, and in recent years has served as a teacher in pre-military preparatory schools, a member of the board of directors of the Yigal Allon Center, and a member of the active committee of the Commanders for Israel's Security Movement.