The Museum


שביל הסנהדרין

כ-150 ממצאים עתיקים ובהם גם אבן נדירה מתקופת בית המקדש השני, המציגה תיאורים של בית המקדש מהימים שבהם עמד על תילו בירושלים

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The Ancient Boat

In 1986 two brothers from Kibbutz Ginosar discovered the remains of an ancient boat on the northwest shore of the Sea of the Galilee not far from the Yigal Allon Center.

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Yigal Allon Memorial Room

Enter a biographical album of Yigal Allon life. The exhibit depicts in chronological order Allon’s family, childhood in Kefar Tavor, years in Caduri agricultural school, the establishment of Ginosar, military service, years as member of Knesset and government minister.

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Nation Rebirth Room

The exhibition illustrates the development of Israeli nation rebirth and its growth from the first Aliya to the present. The exhibition includes the decisions making process and the development of Israel’s rebirth.

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Mishna and Talmud

The exhibit presents the Jewish legacy in the Galilee. In all the history of the Galilee, there had never been a culture that had influenced the people of its period and for generations afterwards, to the present, like the culture of the Mishna and the Talmud.

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מעלה הזמן

חלק זה של המוזיאון נותן לצופה תחושה של המגוון האנושי הגדול שבנה את חייו בגליל.

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