The Yigal Allon Center

Dreaming and building a model society

Actively instilling yigal Alon's heritage in the field of education, the public-social field and in the national memory
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Who Are We

The Yigal Allon Center was established in 1986 as part of the association to commemorate Yigal Allon’s legacy: the commander, the statesman, a social architect in the State of Israel and a member of the kibbutz. Allon’s worldview and values inspire ths activities in a number of key fields: the field of national memory design – a museum and the “Preservation for Generations” program and the field of cooperation among citizens, organizations and communities that identify with the Center’s goals.

The field of education and society – an educational center and long-term special programs.

Our Mission

The Yigal Allon Center sees the image of Israeli society as Zionist and Jewish as well as egalitarian and democratic. An active, peace-loving society, driven by sense of joint destiny, inspired by the values and heritage of Yigal Allon.

The Center will work to pass forward Yigal Allon’s heritage in the education field, in the social-public field and in the field of national memory.

The Museum
Areas of Activity

Shared Society

Establishment of a solidary Israeli society while preserving the unique identity of each group and building a common Israeli story.

Proper Leadership

Building the backbone of Israel's future leadership while identifying young people with the potential to bring about change while creating frameworks and providing tools for them to bring about this change.

Egalitarian Zionism

Encouraging and disseminating the concept of Zionism according to Yigal Allon, in which there's a combination of universal and particular, of the commitment to the Jewish majority and the responsibility for the prosperity and integration of the Arab minority. The strengthening of the values of equality and justice are a part of Zionism.

Selected Programs