The program for training ultra-Orthodox youth for special ops units

Target audience:

Ultra-Orthodox youth age 16-21

Duration of the program:

6 months

Frequency of the program:

Weekly meetings

Number of participants:


Many ultra-Orthodox youth do not fit the mainstream educational framework, some out of lack of Interest or ability and some out of a desire to integrate into general society, through enlistment in military service. The program will strive to encourage ultra-Orthodox young people for combat service, out of a sense of mission and social responsibility, in order to serve as a spearhead for the trend of integration into Israeli society and to constitute the next young avenue of the state.


What we Offer

The “Brothers” Program has set itself the goal of training the ultra-Orthodox recruitment candidates, holistically – on the physical level, mental level and value-ideological level. A participant in the program will undergo running, navigation and combat fitness training in addition to tours of Israeli society and a meeting with relevant role models.

The uniqueness of this program is:

1.    Shattering the ‘glass ceiling’ in which the perception that the ultra-Orthodox should only enlist in organic, separate and specific units. The program seeks to identify individual capabilities and by providing a supporting framework to allow each ultra-Orthodox individual to maximize their personal capabilities and reach elite units.

2.    The program recognizes that part of in recruitment is not due only to physical aspects, but also and even mainly from a value, ideological connection and a correct mental construction of the meaning of the process. Therefore, substantial emphasis in the program is invested in these parts.