“Stance” Program for Mechinot Instructors

Training Course for guiding in Mechinot

Target audience:

Mechinot instructors

Duration of the program:

7 months

Frequency of the program:

A day long monthly meeting

Number of participants:


There are currently more than 50 Mechinot (Army Preparatory residential programs) and midrashot preparatory courses in the State of Israel. Every year, thousands of trainees with high leadership potential who are qualified to bring about change in Israeli society pass through the preparatory courses. The way to leverage the full leadership potential is to train and educate the instructors –in terms of professions, idealism and values. A broad group of instructors who see the choice to guide in preparatory courses as a joint mission, which is the shaping of Israeli society in the spirit of the values ​​of Judaism, Zionism, humanism, and mutual guarantee, can contribute to the broad and in-depth educational process.


What we offer

As part of the training, the instructors will undergo conceptual and educational enrichment in the main content realms of Mechinot: Zionism, Judaism, humanism, social solidarity and pioneering. The instructors will learn and experience a variety of educational and pedagogical tools; Group psychology, identification of extreme cases, methodology, work with text, physical fitness as an educational tool, group and active listening. There will also be an in-depth acquaintance with the world of preparatory schools and its goals, as well as the characteristics of today’s youth. The program is an initiative of Beit Yigal Alon in collaboration with the Joint Council of Mechinot and the Histadrut and about 50 instructors from 10 different preparatory schools take part in it.