Allonim Mechinot Network

A network of Mechinot for Shared Society participants

Target audience:

Jewish and Arab highschool graduates before their

Duration of the program:

7 months

Frequency of the program:


Number of participants:


The Allonim network is a network of pre-military preparatory residential programs  that promote co-existence, the goal of which is to create a shared Israeli leadership backbone for all groups in Israeli society, driven by a sense of mission, commitment to the correction of the Israeli society and human love. The network addresses high school graduates – Jews and Arabs (in the future it will address more populations) – and invites them to experience co-existence, while learning to make democratic decisions, volunteer together, learn about each other’s culture, and experience physical and mental challenges and difficulties together that the mechina and the very life of the common life present before them.


What We Offer

We believe that shared society in its deepest sense, will be possible when the unique identity of each group is preserved and deepened, and at the same time the shared identity will be explored. The network operates in such a way that about 40 participants take part in each mechina (20 in pilot year), which come from two groups with a clearly different identity. For example, Jews and Muslims or Jews and Christians etc.

The youth live together in the full sense of the word an intensive itinerary that requires them to make decisions in a democratic and decent way and thus they live through an experience that has the power to shape them, as mature people and future leaders, with abilities to contain tensions and complexities, who see the other as an equal citizen that is worth contributing to and being contributed from.


As a complementary move to the activities of each particular mechina, all the network’s participants (Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, etc.) meet monthly to get to know all the cultures and religions of all the network’s participants.